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BlueRose Tour & Travel Agency is a private company running with professional staffs who are experienced
in travel industry for at least 15 years, enjoys a good reputation among many overseas travelling companies.

Tour & Travel Agency

is recognized as one of the professional, reliable and efficient tour operator which managed to attract the attention of the famous and international tour operators around the world. ASQ Tour company is distinguished for its rapid correspondences, high quality of services and the best ground handling which are based on years of tourism-experience and its deep knowledge of management in the field of incoming tours. Therefore it is convenient time to propose to your friends, clients and colleagues to seize the offered opportunities to take the step in PERSIA where they can discover history, culture, religion, ancient civilization, old monuments and archeological relics of the Great Persian Empire as well as visiting the wonders of Islamic arts. Cultures, past traditions , and touching Iranian people’s hospitality, tracing the ancient and famous SILK ROAD , appreciating the amazing architectures and beauty of the blue tiles and golden domes, minarets and finally to be acquainted with site holy shrines and mausoleums, besides enjoying the fascinating landscapes, salty and sandy- desert ( Kavir ) and many other interesting resorts.

- We offer our realized activities and services in the field of incoming tours :

1- Studying, cultural and incentive tours for groups and individuals.

2- Desert trekking with 4WD drives, expedition Tours, Skiing Tours.

3- Tours of nature ( bird watching – wild life – herbal – medicine ).

4- Combinational Tours line : Iran – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan and armenia and all Persian Gulf countries .

5- Special Tour’s packages for those travelers who are interested to visit Iran by their own ( Cars – Motor – Bike – and Camper Caravan ).

6- Silk Road Tours .

7- Hotel reservation in 5*, 4*, 3*, 2* in different cities in Iran .

8- Hotel package for individual travelers.

9- Rental cars at the airport for any period ( without driver ).

10- Visa services and facilities for individuals and groups.

11- Tailor-made itineraries for any duration for individuals.

12- Expert in handling TV production film makers being documentary or professional by providing permission and …

13- Providing catering for international seminars & conferences.

14- Acceptance facilities upon arrival and departure to VIP and CIP lounge of IKIA Airport.

15- Providing air, train, and inter-cities coach tickets.

CEO : Omid Mohammad Alikhan


Inbound tour Manager : Mehdi shamsaei

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“ We are specialists in journey to IRAN ”