With its luxury cars and hotels, Kish is an island of extravagance where one can pamper themselves for a few days, forget their worries, go on shopping sprees and immerse themselves in the warm blue waters of the Persian Gulf. Famed for its coral reefs, Kish is a flat island with no mountains or any other natural elevations. It is also one of the Persian Gulf islands with the longest sunny hours, ideal for people who love to doze in the sun and wake up with a natural tan.The weather on Kish is almost always warm. The island has long hot summers, in which humidity sometimes reaches 100%, and very short mild winters.Some of the most popular attractions of Kish Island include Darius Grand Hotel and the Dolphin Park, which is surrounded by over 1,100 palm trees and houses a Silkworm compound along with Butterfly, Exotic Bird and Cactus gardens.The Island, compared to a hidden pearl, has an underground water channel known as Kariz, which has a 2,500-year history. There are seashells, coral and fossils covering the ceiling of this Kariz that experts believe are as old as 270 to 570 million years.
This coral island offers a variety of sports activities such as scuba diving and horseback riding, tourists need no entry visa for at least 14 days, and the enticing lure of its warm sandy beaches and tall palm trees is irresistible.
The island is also a free trade zone and offers investors a 20-year tax exemption and allows businessmen to register 100 percent foreign-owned companies.

Handicrafts: Basketry, Braid Sewing, Carpet Weaving, Kilim, Marine Crafts, Mat Weaving, Ornamental Ribbons and Embroidery, Pottery
Nicknames: Pearl of the Persian Gulf
Best Season: Spring, fall and winter
Sister Cities: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Langkawi, Malaysia
Population: 24,000
Greek Ship
The Greek ship, which ran aground on the island and partially sank in 1926, is a popular attraction and photo-op spot on Kish. Moving the stricken ship was too expensive so the authorities of the time simply decided to leave the ship where it sits just offshore, huge and rusty, patiently observing the tourists and islanders who come to watch the flaming sun setting into the azure sea every day. The Greek Ship Beach Park has a number of restaurants, cafes, skate and bike rentals, snack shops and an amphitheater
Green Tree

Another point of interest on the island is the ancient Green Tree, which is believed to have healing powers. This 500- to 600-year-old fig tree is considered sacred by locals, who often tie pieces of cloth or colorful strings to its branches in hopes of having their wishes come true. The pavilions and barbeques built around the area surrounding the tree have made it a popular spot for locals and tourists
Kariz Underground City
This water channel (Kariz also known as Qanat) has a 2,500-year history and once supplied islanders with drinking water. It is only one of the many underground water management systems unique to Iran. Today the Qanat, which is 16 meters below ground level, has become an amazing subterranean city that houses a theater, conference hall, restaurant, teashouse and souvenir shops as well as an art gallery and museum. The Kariz has 274 wells 74 of which are inside the underground city complex. It has an eight-meter-high ceiling covered with seashells, coral and fossils, which experts believe are as old as 270 to 570 million years.
Kish Traditional Ab Anbar
The Kish Traditional Ab Anbar (water reservoir) is located near the Green Tree. This Yazdi style twin Ab Anbar has two domes and five wind towers. Ab Anbars are traditional water supply systems that make urban settlements possible in the Kavir desert region of Central Iran. Ab Anbars consist of four elements: underground reservoir, platform, dome, and wind tower.
Kish Grand Recreational Pier
Kish Grand Recreational Pier is 437 meters long and 18 meters wide. The pier has facilities for water sports as well as glass-bottom boats to allow visitors to enter the private world of sea creatures and watch fish schools swimming by.

Kolbeh Hoor Beach

Kolbeh Hoor Beach is in the westernmost point of Kish Island. This is a great place to watch waves crashing against the island rocks. This beach has pavilions and barbeques to accommodate visitors.
Immigration And Visa Affairs Police Office
Across from Goldis Hotel, Kish Island,Iran / +98 (076) 444 207 34
Iranian Hospital: Loup Didar St., Behind the Post office / +98 (076) 444 253 43-7
Kish Hospital: General hospital / Sheshsad Dastgah / +98 (076) 444 594 00-4

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