Chamran Grand Hotel

Chamran Grand Hotel

Reception and Services:

  • The rooms are to be checked out at 12:00 (noon), regardless of the check-in time.
  • The rooms are to be checked out at the mentioned time so that enough time could be allotted to the preparation and cleaning of the rooms for the new guests.
  • In case the guests intend to extend their stay in the room, the receptionist needs to be informed prior to 9:00 am so that the arrangements could be made.
  • From 12:00 till 18:00, the extension cost would be 50% of the cost per night and after 18:00 the full room cost per night is calculated.
  • For any change in the check-out date, the receptionist needs to be informed one day sooner than the date the guests want to check out and leave.
  • The guests may make a round-a-clock call to 2222 and 3333 to get the required information.
  • All parts of the hotel, except the rooms, are equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Safes are installed in the rooms wherein the guests can leave their valuables; however, the hotel takes no responsibility for the guests’ valuables.
  • When checking out and leaving the rooms, the guests are to pay enough attention not to have left any possessions behind, as, in case of missing or left behind belongings, the hotel takes no responsibility.
  • Breakfast is free of charge for those guests who have spent the night before in the hotel. It is served on the 24th
  • Breakfast is served from 7:00 am till 10:00 am and after that the room service department would serve the guests; in this case, additional cost would be applied.
  • The hotel keycards should not be put near any magnetic field, e.g. mobile cell phones, electronic devices etc.
  • In case the keycard fails to open the door and function properly, the guests need to refer to the receptionist.

Housekeeping and Room Cleaning:

  • The rooms are daily cleared and cleaned on regular basis.
  • In case the guests are not inclined to have their rooms cleared and cleaned, they may push red button, “do not disturb", next to their bed.
  • In case the guests intend to have their rooms cleaned and cleared, they may push the green button, “Please Clean", next to their bed.
  • To have the sheets changed, the specific card should be left on the pillow. In case the towels need to be changed, they should be put in the bathtub or under the shower tubs.
  • To better guarantee the safety of the guests, in case the red button “do not disturb" is on for more than 48 hours, the security section of the hotel is allowed to enter the room without any prior announcement.


  • The TV set is preprogrammed to receive 22 channels including the Iranian digital channels and some of the satellite channels.
  • In case of any problem, the housekeeping section needs to be called and asked for help.

Room Service and the Mini Bar :

  • The room services are offered round-a-clock in form of serving cold/hot drinks, food, and desserts.
  • Upon arrival at the room, the mini bar needs to be checked and in case of any lack of anything, the room service may be informed.
  • For mini bar recharging, the room service section may be called.
  • 15% service cost and6% VAT will be added to the prices mentioned in the menu.

Rooms Heating and Cooling System :

  • Rooms heating and cooling systems may be set separably
  • Rooms temprature may be set via white thermostat installed on the wall
  • In case of any problem in the function of the thermostat, the house keeping should be infomred

Laundry :
Guests may deliver thier clothes to the laundry prior to 11:00 a.m.

  • In case the delivery is made after 11:00 a.m., the guests would collect thier clothes the next day
  • Guests, after filling out the specific forms, need to put thier clothes in laundry-specific bags and call 3179

Stores :

  • A variety of trade, service, and shopping departments are available on 1st and 2nd trade floors

Cafe Net :

  • An equipped coffee net, located in hotel lobby, is open to the guests round-a-clock
  • In case the guests intend to use coffee net after 23:00, the night receptionist should be informed so that the
    arrangement could be made

Hotel Taxi :

  • Taxis are available 24h/7d at hotel lobby

Praying Room :

  • On the floor -1, the praying room is located next to the traditional cofe-restaurant

Fire Safety Precautions :

  • In case of fire, after informing the engineering department and the reception, the guests need to leave the hotel via emergency exit
  • In case of fire, it is prohibited to use lifts (elevators)
  • Rooms and corridors are equipped with smoke detectors. If the guests would like to smoke, they may go to the lobby, coffee shop, or the open air out side

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